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BiQ story
How did the group start and what is its goal?
In 2017, the BOOTIQ companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia were founded by merging the companies of Marcel Červený and Lukáš Novák, with the addition of Boris Zovčák as co-founder. BOOTIQ has focused on the back-end, e-commerce solutions or BI since 2017. Thanks to its dynamic growth in 2019, it made its first significant acquisition of Novasoft, an experienced team of consultants in SAP solutions, and Slovak EEA, one of the oldest IT companies there. EEA is focused on system integrations, Atlassian solutions and development itself. This was followed by the acquisitions of Blueberry, a front-end development agency from Prague, and then Bluesoft from Brno, a gold partner of the Kentico platform. In 2021, the BiQ Group, a.s. the brand, was reactivated, which is now the parent of the companies above. And we plan to continue to grow.
The group aims to combine unique know-how across branches, project-wise, business-wise, and at the HR level. We take advantage of the synergy effect and constantly supplement the teams with top developers and experienced consultants. Thus, we offer our customers technological diversity and the freedom to choose the ideal solution.